This is one of the most important world maps of Medieval Europe it depicted the King holding a scepter and a gleaming gold nugget.  He was a large supporter of Education and universities and built the University of San Core which still stand today located in Timbuktu it is still a place for Education and Culture







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To be able to run this application for virtual reality we will need an android smart phone , google

cardboard headset and a blutetooth game-pad controller

Mansa Musa mother

The Legendary man

The great legend of mansa Musa now available on Androids and PC



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n the 12th century there was a legend named Mansa Musa (emperor) considered to be the richest man in Africa with his wealth that worth than 400 Billions us dollars now-days.

He built the Great Mosque of Timbuktu and he target was to make people have faith in Islam (Religion of Peace) around the whole west Africa.

Make a 3D game video that will  assist in the education of game players by providing the tools necessary of good user friendly interface that can lead them to know more about their cultures and tradition of their ancestors.

The mosque was built originally from sand the wood and straw and with exception of two sections

which were reinforced with limestone the whole mosque is still standing today. Timbuktu was annexed

as part of the Mali and ended up becoming a large trading city in west Africa where traders came into

contact with Islam